Arthrostim Technique; Electronic Manipulation Therapy

Arthrostim-Adjustment-Therapyarthrostim-200ARTHROSTIM Instrument:  The ArthroStim® produces a rapid recoiling thrust at a rate of twelve times per second. This frequency is known as  low beta somatomotor rhythm. The instrument’s rapidity, super saturates the target area with specific energy forces which makes adjustments and loosens facet joints, that may restrict mobility in the spine, and in the applied area. This energy continues to ripple through the facet joint to surrounding fringe tissues providing relief and corrections immediately. Patients experience a positive difference with the first treatment.
Athrostim Manipulation Therapy can be applied anywhere chiropractic manipulation is applied, such as the neck, spine, shoulders, arms, hips, legs and feet. While it may look intimidating, it is very gentle. Most patients find it stimulating, effectively performing chiropractic manipulations in a way human hands are not capable of achieving. While the Arthostim Manipulation Therapy is not appropriate for everything, it can relieve pain, muscle spasm and perform manipulation therapy much faster than traditional methods. It is safe, gentle and appropriate for use on patients of all ages.

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