Axial-Inversion-Decompression-TherapyAxial Inversion Decompression Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Axial Inversion Decompression Therapy is not a standalone treatment, nor will the affects of a single treatment be conducive to long term lower back pain. At the Lordex Spine Institute of Conroe, the SomaTrac Axial Inversion Decompression Therapy is only part of a complete Spinal Decompression 3-Phase Treatment. Inversion therapy is nothing new and has been around for centuries.  But when it comes to dealing with lower back or lumbar pain, this type of inversion decompression becomes a doctor monitored therapy as part of a decompression treatment. When you have low back pain, you should always have any form of decompression of the spine done by a licensed professional chiropractor. You can actually do more damage then good and make a correctable condition require surgery. So, we recommend consulting our chiropractor.

Axial Inversion Decompression Therapy helps relieve low back pain by improving spinal alignment and disc nourishment while reducing tension, facet irritation and pressure on nerves/ sciatica. It helps with circulatory issues, and improves lymphatic function.  Inversion decompression will also help relieve stress and fatigue while Improving muscle and ligament strength. So, there are many benefits to inversion decompression in our everyday lives and general well being.

How is Axial Inversion Decompression used as a Therapy

Axial-Inversion-Decompression-TherapyDuring the initial evaluation and diagnosis of the source of your lower back pain, Axial Inversion Decompression Therapy may be used as a gentle approach for our chiropractor to get a good understanding of an existing condition as well as how your body reacts to treatment. We always start with what is necessary, for example, prior to putting you on the Spine Decompression unit, we would see how your condition and body reacts to something a bit gentler. Axial Inversion Decompression Therapy helps the doctor make the best treatment plan to correct and in most cases eliminate lower back pain. It can be implemented at anytime and may even be prescribed in-home depending on your specific situation. The bottom line, Axial Inversion Decompression Therapy is a safe, gentle tool used by the doctor to get to know you and you pain the best way possible. This helps him, help you get back to your everyday activities and quality of life as soon as possible.


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