Chiropractic-ManipulationChiropractic Adjustment Manipulation

Chiropractic Adjustment Manipulation is commonly performed on the spine and earned the name Spinal Manipulation Therapy. However, Chiropractic Adjustment Manipulation is performed to relieve pain and correct alignment in many joints throughout the body including your neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, back, hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet. Some common conditions we treat are joint related injuries.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Dana McKirahan is highly educated in chiropractics and passionate about his patients. He is thorough in his approach of finding the cause and the cure for major back and body issues, whether it be genetic or injury induced. When Dr. McKirahan learns the nature of your pain, before any treatment is done, in most cases, he will order X-Rays and/or MRI’s so he can have an internal look at what might be causing the problem. If you’ve had recent MRI reports or X-rays (less than a year), he will consult with you a Report of Findings to help you understand the diagnosis more clearly. If the source of the pain can not or should not be treated by a chiropractor, he will refer you to appropriate doctors that have partnered with him with an explanation of his findings. He will then discuss with you what therapies or treatments are best suited to your condition to relieve the pain and correct the issue.

Chiropractor-AdjustmentsChiropractic-Adjustment-Manipulation-Therapy Chiropractic Adjustment : Chiropractic Adjustment Manipulation is mainly used to free or unlock bone with respect to joints or the spine to relieve pain, discomfort, pressure, inflammation and pinched nerves and allow the bone and joints to seat “naturally” and properly together. There are also conditions when the chiropractic adjustment manipulation will be used to move a bone to a more appropriate alignment, however, this is not common. In most cases the adjustments stretch the joint gently allowing it to contract back into place naturally. Sometimes, due to  specific conditions, the joint may need assistance to realign. Regardless of the Chiropractic Adjustment Manipulation, all of our technics are performed with gentle pressure and if force is needed, the doctor will get your approval before proceeding.

Our Chiropractic Adjustment Manipulations are always performed by our chiropractor. All standard manipulation therapies are performed by our physical therapists. None of the chiropractic services or treatment plans performed by our  chiropractor or physical therapists should be confused with our massage therapy that we offer as an additional service to Lordex Spine Institute. Our chiropractor and physical therapists integrate chiropractic skills in their  G-5, Deep Therasist massages as part of a treatment plan, where as our massage therapists provide wellness massage therapy. Massage  Therapy is open to booking appointments to the general public.

We provide Chiropractic Adjustment Manipulation to patients throughout Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, North Houston, Willis and Huntsville, Texas. Click Here for our contact information, hours and directions.