Chiropractic Patient Center

Chiropractic-Patient-IntakeAll New Patients, will complete our Patient Intake Forms prior to any services or treatments in the office. Most of the information will be input on the iPad prior to your complimentary Consultation.When completed and submitted, the information provided is automatically sent to our patient care system , where the doctor will be able to access and  continue with diagnostic input.

The process is done on a secure connection with a high level of encryption. You may also print the form to be completed by hand and bring it to our office and we will scan it into our patient care system. Additional forms that may be applicable will be available in office for your convenience.

Quadruple Visual Analogue Scale

Click below to download our Quadruple Visual Analogue Scale form.


Consent to Chiropractic Treatment

Click below to download our Informed Consent to Chiropractic Treatment form.


Insurance Assignment

Click below to download our office policy regarding insurance assignment form.


Protected Health Information

Click below to download our Protected Health Information Release form.


General Chiropractic Handouts

Below are a few general public information handouts about some of the conditions we treat. Please contact or visit our office for more accurate or detailed professional advice concerning any chiropractic healthcare.

We provide General Chiropractic Healthcare to patients throughout Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, North Houston, Willis and Huntsville, Texas. Click Here for our contact information, hours and directions.