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Dr. Dana McKirahan DC, PA provides a variety of professional chiropractic healthcare services in the Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands, North Houston and Huntsville metro areas of Harris and Montgomery Counties of Texas. Dr. Dana McKirahan has been practicing in private practice since 1994. This facility is Dr. McKirahan’s fourth success story and features state-of-the-art technology, equipment, treatments and methods of care for his patient’s quality of health.

Chiropractic-Spinal-ManipulationWe provide gentle, effective, natural and safe chiropractic healthcare. Our facility is specifically designed and our staff trained to provide our patients with the highest level of quality in chiropractic health and wellbeing through our complete series of chiropractic services. We understand the meaning of pain and pain management. We help you find pain relief, treatment and prevention with your best interests first in mind. Our total wellness center is here if you need us.

Lordex-Spinal-DecompressionLordex Lumbar Spine System: The Lordex Lumbar Spine System is state-of-the-art technology only available from authorized Spinal Arthritis Centers of America Professional Chiropractors. Dr. McKirahan is among the first doctors to offer treatment using the Lordex Lumbar Spine System when he implemented the program at the Woodlands Pain Relief Center in 2004. The Lordex Lumbar Spine System is a three phase process that consists of  Chiropractic Manipulation/Adjustments, Decompression, Muscle therapy and Axial inversion therapy. Electrical stimulation and a deep therapy massage is added to reduce pain and increase circulation, hydration and oxygenation. Always, our  first and primary focus is to help you find relief from your pain as soon as possible. Our technology offers tools that the body needs to speed you back into a pain free world.

A complimentary Consultation identifies the cause, and possible treatment options available to you. The process, treatment plan and insurance benefits, deductibles etc, will be explained in full detail for you to make a decision to move forward with treatment.  If your diagnosis qualifies you for the Lordex Lumbar Spine System ( used for non surgical decompression) as part of that treatment plan, you will begin the 3 phase series of non-invasive, non-surgical treatments utilizing the state-of-the-art Lordex Lumbar Spine System. Click Here to learn more about the Lordex Lumbar Spine System.


Arthrostim-AdjustmentsArthrostim Technique; Electronic Manipulation Therapy: The Arthrostim adjusting tool produces rapid thrust and recoil at a low beta movement of the body (somatomotor) rhythm rate. The Arthrostim instrument’s rapidity supersaturates the target area with specific energy forces which makes adjustments in the applied area. The energy continues to ripple through the joint to surrounding fringe tissues. This releases secondary trigger points and sites of muscular spasm, providing the relief and corrections desired for our patients. Patients experience a positive difference with the first treatment. Our patients stand taller, move more freely, breathe deeper, feel and look younger. They greatly appreciate the ‘anti-aging’ effects of Dr. McKirahan’s technique. Click Here to learn more about our Arthrostim Technique; Electronic Manipulation Therapy.

Chiropractic Adjustment Therapy: Spinal manipulation is a therapeutic intervention commonly performed on spinal articulations which are synovial joints . These articulations in the spine that are amenable to spinal manipulative therapy include the z-joints, the atlanto-occipital, atlanto-axial, lumbosacral, sacroiliac, costotransverse and costovertebral joints. In addition, Chiropractic Adjustment Therapy is effective in the neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs, ankles and feet. Dr. McKirahan is a seasoned and refined professional chiropractor and is highly skilled at providing Chiropractic Adjustment Therapy.

massage-therapyMassage Therapy: We offer professional wellness massage therapy. Our massage therapists provide experienced professional wellness massage therapy. Anyone is welcome to schedule an appointment for a wellness massage. Please Click here to learn more about our professional Wellness Massage Therapy.

TDITexas Department of Insurance Division of Workers’ Compensation: Dr. Dana McKirahan D.C. P.A. is a designated doctor selected by Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation (TDI-DWC) to make a recommendation about an injured employee’s medical condition or to resolve a dispute about a work-related injury or occupational illness.

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Chiropractic is a cost-effective means of treatment for musculoskeletal injuries. Chiropractic care is associated with lower medical costs and more rapid recovery in the overwhelming majority of studies concerning chiropractic care and workers’ compensation costs. Chiropractic care is increasing more popular with lower costs relative to lower back injuries.

We provide Chiropractic hrealthcare from a licensed Chiropractor to patients throughout Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, North Houston, Willis and Huntsville, Texas. Click Here for our contact information, hours and directions.