Sports Injury Chiropractics

Sports-InjuryasascSports injuries are not just limited to professional athletes or boys participating in school of after school sports. Individuals of all ages, including children of both sexes regularly participate in sports and fitness activities. Women are participating in what was traditionally men’s sports such as soccer, basketball, and kick-boxing. A large portion of the population, man and women alike, play golf, tennis and basketball. Many people participate in aerobic activities like running. Regrettably, risk of injury is always a possibility with any sports activity.

Nearly all of injuries generally fit into two groups:

1. Traumatic Injury, such as a Slip, Fall or Collision

2. Repetitive Stress or Overuse Injury

Traumatic Injuries

sports-injury-chiropractorTraumatic sports injuries can be quite debilitating due to the trauma associated with them. Most traumatic sports related injuries are to the ligaments, connective tissue and muscles throughout the body, however fractures and dislocations of bones can and do happen, in particular with contact sports. When the injury in in a ligament, it is called a sprain. When trauma affects muscle or tendons, it is a strain. The most common areas of the body that are associated to sports injuries are in the ankles, knees and shoulders. While sports injuries to the low back lumbar region and the neck area are less frequent, they can be the most traumatic. Sports related injuries in the lower back up to the neck area can and do affect the spinal cord and spinal nerves and can be extremely serious.

Traumatic sports related injuries can vary severity, from a mild muscle pull or twist of the ankle to a serious problem requiring surgery. Depending on the degree of tearing in tissue, the location, what is involved and the age of the person, will determine the severity, treatment and healing time. Most sprains and strains have associated inflammation and swelling. Some injuries, particularly in the ankles or knees, internal bleeding can occur. Strains and sprains should be appropriately treated, especially during initial stages, to insure healing occurs correctly and future possibilities of disability are avoided. Therapy from our competent professional chiropractor is highly effective.

If you’ve sustained an injury, the best course of action is to see a professional. Until assistance is attainable;

  • Protect injury to prevent additional damage.
  • Rest the injured area.
  • Ice injury to abate swelling, bleeding, muscle spasm, and pain.
  • Compress injury with a specifically designed or elastic bandage to support injured tissues.
  • Elevate the injury, particularly when dealing with ankles and knees.

Sports-Injury-TreatmentAs soon as possible, it is important to get the sports injury properly evaluated by a chiropractor or other competent health professional, to ascertain the amount of damage. Most sport related injuries can recover, however, they do need knowledgeable treatment throughout the healing process to insure proper healing. If not carefully monitored and properly treated, a sprain or strain injury can result in long-lasting joint instability, painful or weak joints and muscles and lack of mobility. Our chiropractor is highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable in the treatment of sports injuries and will also offer advice and management you’ll need to insure that your injury will recover properly and in the best possible way. Call our office if you have sustained a traumatic sports related injury, we are here to help.

Overuse or Repetitive Strain Injuries

Sports-Strain-InjuryOveruse and repetitive injuries are becoming more frequent, especially for those individuals involved in sports such as golf, tennis, bowling and any physical activity that requires the same movements performed over and over repetitively. An activity as simple, common and healthy as running, especially on a treadmill, also contributes to strain injuries.

Repetitious activities of any kind, can create a very slight strain to tissues, tendons and muscles. Higher frequencies and durations of these repetitive activities cause the more serious problems. One of the most common types of overuse injuries is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Over time and neglect of the problem, the muscles and affected tissue develop changes that restrict proper functionality, resulting in pain, stiffness and disability. There are certain conditions that predispose individuals to these sorts of injuries. Some are intrinsic, meaning the condition is found within the person’s body, while others are extrinsic, which means that the conditions are external and can generally be changed or controlled by the individual.

Some of the most widespread intrinsic factors for injury.

Unfortunately, age is the most common intrinsic factor for injury and at some point affects everyone. The older someone is, the easier it is for them to get injured. Congenital abnormalities are another condition for those who are born with joint or muscle problems. Additionally, previous injuries are a contributing factor because they often restrict joints or muscles from proper functionality.

Extrinsic factors for injury.

Sports-Injury-ContributorThere are an enormous amount of extrinsic factors. For example, sports equipment can be insufficient such as an inappropriate grip size of a tennis racket or worn-out running shoes, even a playing surface can be a factor, such as a surface that is too hard for soccer or an uneven treadmill. Improper technique in any sport, such as an incorrect golf grip is, as they say, an injury waiting to happen. Another factor is poor conditioning prior to the strenuous activity. Some individuals are injured because the body is not properly prepared. Increased frequency or extended duration of any activity, without easing into it, can cause the conditions for injury. Insufficient flexibility, if a person is too stiff to do an activity properly, can produce injury. Failure to warm-up, such as stretching and appropriate preparation, is a common factor in sport related injuries. Finally, and surprising to some people, stress is a factor. Muscles that are tense and inflexible as the result of stress are too tight, therefore unprepared for most sports activities.

Since the majority of contributing factors are extrinsic, they can be individually controlled. Before starting a new sport or physical activity and while enduring current one, it is important to get an assessment of your current body physical condition. If you are injured, it is crucial to seek experienced professional treatment, such as from our chiropractor, to properly diagnose the nature of the injury and design an appropriate plan of care. If left untreated, the injury may prohibit you from participating in a favorite activity and significantly affect your life in general. Treatments such as joint manipulation, massage, bracing, and specific exercises are often used to effectively stabilize and treat the condition. A chiropractor is your best source of help for sports related injuries and we are here to help.

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