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Spine Lumbar Decompression Therapy

spine-lumbar-decompressionLordex Spine Institute of Conroe offers advanced technology, non-surgical treatments and therapy for major back and lumbar pain. When appropriate, our lower back lumbar treatments include the Lordex Spine System which consists of a complete program of relief, correction, rehabilitation and prevention. Anyone suffering from moderate to severe lower back pain should consider an evaluation and consultation with our refined and experienced chiropractor to see if our spinal lumbar decompression therapy is right for you. Contact Us or Click Here to learn more about our Spinal Lumbar Decompression Therapy for lower back pain relief.

Natural Chiropractic Total Health Care

ChiropracticsThe Lordex Spine Institute of Conroe offers complete, natural chiropractic health care services to people of all ages, including children that suffer from pain or discomfort in their back, neck, arms or legs. From standard chiropractic treatments to advanced techniques and technologies, we are sure our complete chiropractic healthcare facility, experienced chiropractor and staff can offer you pain relief and get you back to the activities and quality of life you enjoy and deserve. Our chiropractor, technicians and massage therapists all practice gentle treatments and congenial interactions when providing any of our services. Click Here for more about our chiropractic services.

Professional Massage Therapy

refer-chiropractor-bgProfessional massage therapy is conducive to both restoration treatments and maintaining a higher quality of general health. From correcting and eliminating pain to prevention of pain related issues in your back, neck, legs and arms. Massage therapy also relieves stress and even headaches while promoting better mental health. Our facility is designed to provide the best professional massage therapy in our service area, from our professional staff to our industry leading equipment, we are confident our massage therapy will help you eliminate pain and promote a happier, healthier you. Click Here to learn more about our professional massage therapy.

Industry Leading Chiropractic Facility

chiropractic-wellness-centerOur chiropractic facility is state-of-the-art on all fronts, from the time you walk in the door to complete patient information to any level of chiropractic care you receive from our chiropractor, technicians, therapists and staff members.

Dr. Dana McKirahan D.C., P. A. stays current with both the industry leading best chiropractic practices and treatments as well as chiropractic equipment and tools for providing approved chiropractic treatments and therapies. Our facility brings all this experience and technology together and makes it conveniently available to you to find immediate relief of pain in your neck, back, arms or legs and keep it from returning in the future. Contact us for all your chiropractic concerns, we are here to help!

Why choose Dr. McKirahan as your chiropractor?

Dr. Dana R. McKirahan DC, PA is a native Houstonian, practicing chiropractic’s since 1994. As your chiropractor, he is committed to providing the most appropriate and effective treatments to help you find relief fast and enjoy a higher quality of life. Dr. McKirahan is a gentle, compassionate and very experienced chiropractor and is concerned about the overall wellness of each and every patient. We invite you to come meet our refined chiropractor and see for your self. Click Here to learn more about our chiropractor.